Enamel Bowls

Cereal Personalised bowl Enamel with a Blue Rim


Our Personalised cereal bowls are a great way to personalise your morning!

Size - (the photo bowl is size 14cm)

14cm Wide x 7.5cm Deep
16cm Wide x 8.5cm Deep
18cm Wide x 9cm Deep

These are white bowls with a blue rim.

Please note you are only able to personalise the name, Cereal is standard. Please also add 's if this is required. All letters will be printed in capital letters. Only Standard letters will be use. If and is left this will be printed as &.

Please note this is for one item, No other items will be included

No trade marked or copy write words can be used.  

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing this item you confirm that all details of your order are correct and final - Unfortunately no requests for changes can be accepted.